Representing Evil: The ‘Respublica’ Tradition in English Drama, Reformation to Restoration

This essay was published in Prudentia, Supplementary Number 1994. The volume was entitled TRADITION AND TRADITIONS. Please click on the link below to read the whole essay and enlarge your view within your browser as necessary. jim-respublica If you wish to hear Jim speaking recently about this theme then go to his posting at:

An Approach to the Reference of Volpone

This is one of the first of Jim Tulip’s essays where he begins to explore the underlying impulses of Ben Jonson’s play Volpone. This subject was to become one of Jim’s abiding passions. view-volpone-essay-here Here is also a recent (audio) conversation (in 3 short parts) that Michael Griffith had with Jim about his fascination with Jonson and … More An Approach to the Reference of Volpone