Interfaith Prayer

                                         Interfaith Prayer          O Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Land ! You have moved across the face of Australia And formed from its dust a rolling brown land: You come to us in our bright sunlight, in our blue skies and in rain  that works miracles. We sing your praises. Your Spirit moves … More Interfaith Prayer

David Malouf’s Australian Spirituality

David Malouf’s Australian Spirituality In November 2008, David Malouf was awarded the Inaugural Australia-Asia Literary Award in Perth, an award given by the West Australian Government for the best writing in Australia and Asia.  It is worth $110,000, and was given for Malouf’s book, The Complete Stories, a collection of his short fiction in prose.  … More David Malouf’s Australian Spirituality

The First Commandment? Ruth’s Way, Jesus’ or Paul’s?

Blackheath Uniting Church – Service 1.11.15 Call to Worship Invocation: O God, our God, how great you are.  On this first day of the week we celebrate your creation of the world and all that is in it.  On this first day of the week you raised Jesus from the dead.  On this first day … More The First Commandment? Ruth’s Way, Jesus’ or Paul’s?

Nano and King Lear

Nowhere is this, arguably, more apparent than in the relation of Jonson’s Volpone to Shakespeare’s King Lear.  The two plays belong to the same year of theatre, 1605 – 1606.  They were both performed by the same group of actors, The Kings’ Men, Shakespeare’s company, and they both respond, though in very different ways, to … More Nano and King Lear

Nano as Stage Manager

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