Interfaith Prayer


                    Interfaith Prayer

         O Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Land !

You have moved across the face of Australia

And formed from its dust a rolling brown land:

You come to us in our bright sunlight, in our blue skies

and in rain  that works miracles.

We sing your praises.

Your Spirit moves from North to South, from East to West

Giving us a rich variety of life, and many surprises.


Your Spirit has moved among the first people of this land

And made them at one with their environment,

At one with their lands and waters.

We thank you for their gifts and for their challenges.



You have moved among us, prophetically, as a pilgrim people

A migrant people, a refugee people,

An asylum seeking people.

Help us to share in this land of freedom and plenty.



From cities to the outback, across the multi-cultural nature

Of our population, Your Presence is felt.

O Spirit of Holiness, we are richly blessed with strong communities

Of religious believers and worshippers.

May we come to meet one another in matters of Peace and Justice,


May we share a vision of what is Right and Fair

For all people in our land.  May we uphold a vision

Of the Common Good.

Help us look beyond our own horizons to our neighbours overseas,

And accept that they are both like and unlike us, and that we are blessed

In our shared humanity.


May our love and compassion flow for all people.

Let it be as wide and as varied as our great land itself:

As full of the love and grace we find in You,

O  Spirit of this land.


May we be an agency of this same love, grace and compassion.  Amen.

15th November, 2014.




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