Richard III: A Study of the Elizabethan Villain-Hero.

This thesis was written in 1961-62 as a PhD Dissertation for the Department of English, the University of Chicago. As a study of the villain-hero, so early in my career, it highlights a life-time absorption on my part in this central location of creative energy in English literature. It was in my view Shakespeare’s springboard … More Richard III: A Study of the Elizabethan Villain-Hero.

Representing Evil: The ‘Respublica’ Tradition in English Drama, Reformation to Restoration

This essay was published in Prudentia, Supplementary Number 1994. The volume was entitled TRADITION AND TRADITIONS. Please click on the link below to read the whole essay and enlarge your view within your browser as necessary. jim-respublica If you wish to hear Jim speaking recently about this theme then go to his posting at:

Nano and King Lear

Nowhere is this, arguably, more apparent than in the relation of Jonson’s Volpone to Shakespeare’s King Lear.  The two plays belong to the same year of theatre, 1605 – 1606.  They were both performed by the same group of actors, The Kings’ Men, Shakespeare’s company, and they both respond, though in very different ways, to … More Nano and King Lear